December 5, 2015

Enter Slack X

Ten years ago, on a December 3rd, I published an audio track on a Myspace page under the name "Between The Zones" for the first time. Happy birthday BTZ!

While I am still working on the next album, I found the original audio projects of the first-ever BTZ songs, which had formerly been grouped on the compilation "Enter Slack" back in the day, just before we start working on the "Rough" EP.
Because BTZ turned 10 years, and because some of you have been asking for it in recent months, I have decided to put back online these archaic songs, with the addition of previously unreleased demos from the same time period (2005-2007).
I managed to re-export everything from the audio software in wav (which was not the case at the time!) without saturation, so the quality is far better than before.

Free streaming and download on Bandcamp:
Enter Slack X - Early works of Between The Zones

Also, Michaelcthulhu made an amazing life-size replica of the Soul Reaver sword, from the Legacy of Kain game series, and we're really happy to have the classic "Ozar Midrashim" cover featured in his video! Feel free to share!

Please enjoy and stay tuned for more news about "Troubles" soon. Take care


October 19, 2015

Sessions for the next album, part 3

Hello guys!

The last remaining instrumental parts of the next BTZ album, Troubles, have been recorded!
Guitars, bass, keyboards... Well, that being said, in© (our very own Christian Clavier, as you may say) has just one remaining song to lay keyboards on.

Next step: vocals!

I will record it with the almighty Philippe K. in his newly built home studio.

Philippe is a talented musician, currently playing in the indie-punk quartet Valley —feel free to listen to their music here— but also in Monica Crystal (noise rock), and his own solo project Terre Profane (more ambient/industrial-oriented... If you're still visiting our page, you should definitely have a listen to Terre Profane!). Back in the day, he was also playing guitar in cool post-rock band Lost in Kiev.

These vocal sessions should be pretty intense... I just wish I won't get a cold before recording, hehehe!
Take care and see you soon!


October 6, 2015

Sessions for the next album, part 2

Hello, what's up guys?
It's time to talk about new stuff, and by that I mean new music!

First of all, Between The Zones' second album has a name: TROUBLES.

The process for this new collection of songs is very different from what we did before. As we're all living in different areas in France, we rely a lot on file transfers, people recording stuff on their own, and myself assembling all parts, mixing, tweaking. Basically, in terms of workflow, it goes back to the project origin: DIY ethics, drum machines, digital delay and reverb !
We tried new things on theses songs. For example, in the end of August, I went to Nîmes (south of France too) to record saxophone parts with Elkin Zikkat from Amer Boogie. Meanwhile, in©, Nico and Ontoum (back in da BTZ business!) recorded various pieces on the songs... And there are other people involved in the making of this album, and all I can say is that it's really exciting to have friends adding their touch to the music- be prepared!

I plan on recording vocals later this month, and then move on to the final mixing phase. Wish me good luck :p I'll keep you informed about how things are going. See ya!


September 11, 2015

Shifted is available!

Our remixes & relics album "Shifted" is now available for free streaming and download!
It features previously unreleased tracks, instrumentals, and alternative versions of BTZ songs by our friends and fellow indie acts Ainamaty, Akalogik (aka Jod from Quasar), Cylenth, Decrease, Londead (aka Gom), Red City Noise, RedkiS, Stolearm, TÖT, and _URTS (aka Emilien, our guitarist in 2013 and Darla drummer).

2 links to get "Shifted":
Via the Music section>
Via Délivrances>

Be prepared to experience different atmospheres & music styles, celebrating 10 years of BTZ. Enjoy :)

August 10, 2015

Shifted: art / tracklist / release date

Between The Zones: Shifted

Remixes & relics from Shiftings

01. Thanatos ¦ Akalogik  タナトス Mix
02. Delete Me ¦ _URTS Mix
03. Cold shapes ¦ Ainamaty Mix
04. Astrid ¦ Red City Noise Mix
05. Thanatos ¦ TÖT Technobody Mix
06. Hippocampus ¦ Stolearm Mix
07. Hell is empty ¦ Decrease Mix
08. Astrid ¦ Londead Fatality Mix
09. Grab ×
10. New B/Pause Caca ×
11. Corrupted ¦ Cylenth Mix
12. Awakening ¦ RedkiS Mix
13. Hell is mute δ
14. Silent Monster δ
15. Waiting Δ
16. Shiftings Δ

× → previously unreleased
δ → instrumentals
Δ → demo versions

Final release date: September 11th, 2015

Here is a cover photo to support us. Thank you ♥

July 30, 2015

Sessions for the next album, part 1

Hi there!

I was talking about the next BTZ album in my last post. (The real second album, not the remix album, right?) Well, last week I spent 2 days back in Montpellier to work on some new songs with Lühje (who is also in charge of SHIFTED's mastering) and my friend April from Finland- they are providing vocals for some of the songs on the album! We had great fun recording, even if there was some SERIOUS heat waves in southern France at the time.
Here are some photos of these.. "sweating" sessions- please excuse the lousy image quality, it was SO hot in Montpellier, and my cellphone was dying too.

Dealing with the album itself, writing is actually almost over. Some parts are missing here and there, but the overall sound and ambient is already well settled. I'm currently looking for fun and interesting ways to share the project progress with you, so stay tuned ;)
See you soon, take care!


July 15, 2015

Petite mise à jour !

Hello friends, how's your summer going so far?

Just to let you know. Our remix album SHIFTED is being mastered right now by Lühje (Primate Audio / Stolearm) and will be released very soon. Honestly our fellow remixers did an amazing job in "breaking" the songs - the whole album is very dense and diversified, and I just can't wait to share it with you!

Meanwhile, the proper 2nd BTZ album is in the works. Some clues about how it will sound: back to the industrial roots, lots of digital-delayed guitars, violence, ultra melodism, beautiful guests, more violence, and even some screams in French. LOL



May 6, 2015

Further down the shift

Between The Zones and Délivrances are pleased to announce the upcoming release of SHIFTED, a "distorted" version of the SHIFTINGS album released in 2013.

SHIFTED will gather unreleased tracks and alternative versions of songs from SHIFTINGS: raw demos, instrumentals, and remixes made by fellow artists and bands met by BTZ - Stolearm, TÖT, Red City Noise, Cylenth, Decrease, Ainamaty, RedkiSLondead, etc - a way to start celebrating 10 years of Between The Zones, a musical journey still animated by the will of bonding together different sound universes.

Conceived as an apostrophe until the release of Between The Zones' sophomore album in 2016, Shifted is planned for late summer 2015.

Check out our friends and remixers: