September 26, 2009

About the covers of the Soul Reaver themes

Between The Zones was created in 2005 as a solo project.
At the time, I wanted to make some industrial/ambient songs, with some rock elements and structures. The main reason why I wanted to explore these music styles was my love for the "Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver" soundtrack, composed by Kurt Harland from The Information Society, which still is a complete masterpiece to my ears.

My love for this soundtrack led me to record two covers, available today on the "Enter Slack" LP. As BTZ wasn't a real band in 2006, I've decided to film myself playing these two songs, with bass and drums provided by my computer... I wanted to share it with the Legacy of Kain online community (I'm know under the nicknames Slack and R@ziel on the Nosgoth-fr board).

These two videos are still online, on my Youtube account:
- Wasteland Midrashim (Cover song for "Ozar Midrashim 1.1" - Soul Reaver theme)
- Forgotten Lament (Cover song for "Ariel's Lament" - Soul Reaver 2 theme)

Lots of people who were enjoying these covers have been asking for guitar/bass tabs.
I've finally decided to put it online, so there it is, in gp4 format (you need the Guitarpro software to read the files)
Tablature for the Ozar Midrashim cover | Tablature for the Ariel's Lament cover

Today, Between The Zones is a band.
We are playing songs that are quite different from what the project was at its creation, but I'm happy about it because things need to evolve! As a consequence, we haven't planned to play these covers live, but who knows?
Take care of yourself, everyone, and always keep your passions alive ;)


!!! UPDATE: 2016 !!!

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  1. Hey, thanks so much for putting the tabs up. They're still available on Wayback Machine. Very helpful for a guitar newb like me.
    Love the covers :)