October 19, 2015

Sessions for the next album, part 3

Hello guys!

The last remaining instrumental parts of the next BTZ album, Troubles, have been recorded!
Guitars, bass, keyboards... Well, that being said, in© (our very own Christian Clavier, as you may say) has just one remaining song to lay keyboards on.

Next step: vocals!

I will record it with the almighty Philippe K. in his newly built home studio.

Philippe is a talented musician, currently playing in the indie-punk quartet Valley —feel free to listen to their music here— but also in Monica Crystal (noise rock), and his own solo project Terre Profane (more ambient/industrial-oriented... If you're still visiting our page, you should definitely have a listen to Terre Profane!). Back in the day, he was also playing guitar in cool post-rock band Lost in Kiev.

These vocal sessions should be pretty intense... I just wish I won't get a cold before recording, hehehe!
Take care and see you soon!


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