December 11, 2016

Ozar Midrashim 2016

Please watch til the end of the video- a surprise awaits after the song! ;) Cheers!


November 30, 2016

Bending waves

New single available on Youtube!

I'd like to thank again my friend Elkin Zikkat for laying down these cool saxophone parts on the song; it was a great experiment to try to mix metal heavy riffs with fluid sax sounds, we had a lot of fun recording it in Nîmes last year!

If you like the song, feel free to share it with your buddies! Also, you can have a look at the full illustration I did for the single on my drawing blog:

I don't want to spoil you, but there is something in the works that will be released very soon this December! It is not related to the album but if you enjoy what we do you will love it ;) Stay tuned and see you soon!


July 31, 2016

Changes are endless!

"Changes are endless" is the third single from "Troubles":

Believe it or not, this song is easily one of the most violent and uneasy musical things I ever worked on. Actually it's the opening song on the album, like a direct way of announcing the true colors of this record. I'd like to thank my dear friend Emilien (also from _URTS and Darla) for his contributions on the guitars, especially the chorus' evil riffs!

As usual, share it if you like it! See you next month!


June 30, 2016


"Reaching" is the second single from "Troubles":

> Have a look at the artwork for this single on my drawing blog :3

This song is a special one and I feel extremely fortunate to have my Finland-based friend Bleiddian (April) as a guest vocalist on the song! Although this is a first try for BTZ, I believe it adds something epic and atmospheric to the music, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!

The video itself was a little harder to put together than the previous one, as I didn't have much time to swap between making the illustration + putting parts in 3D + doing the editing. Feel free to comment and share it with your friends and fellow DIY music enthusiasts! :)

In case you didn't notice, I plan to release a new song/single every last day of the month, until this fall!

Take care of yourself, and spread the word.


Just a few hours to go before a new single!

May 31, 2016

Une âme piégée

The first single from "Troubles" is here!

We hope you will enjoy it; feel free to spread the word! Be sure to subscribe to our collective Délivrances' Youtube channel to instantly get the next singles ;)

I am responsible for the illustration! Visit my art blog if you like this kind of stuff.


April 13, 2016

Album update: Audio is over!

Hello there and well, happy new year! Time flies...!

Just some quick news: the album is finished. At least, all the audio part. Mastering was done by Lucien at Primate Audio (Montpellier, France) and it's sounding great.

I started working on the cover artwork and how to promote the release, but in the meantime I also have non-music business in my life that I need to take care of.

So please be awesome and patient, and take care as always. Love to everyone. <3