March 19, 2012

About the LP

Writing the LP is over. Demoing is over. Final recordings will happen several times in 2012: we've decided to release the LP through 4 chapters, each one being a part of a bigger story.

March 13, 2012

At last.

After several attempts, we are very happy to unveil our new website!

It's been such a while since we last published something consistent! Feel free to discover the pages; actually having an operational website is the best way to centralize all of our datas (music, photos, videos, etc.) and link back to all the social sites, Facebook & co. We will also try to post more regularly new stuff; for example photos, rough demos or short rehearsal clips, directly here!
If you're following us for some time you won't be hugely surprised, but at least you will have access to everything in one place :)

I am still working on importing some Facebook stuff and the old Myspace blog notes (you can imagine how much these notes are important to keep an history of the project!) so don't bother if, for example, as I'm writing this, there is no post at all in 2011! Everything will be gradually in place, I promise.

So please enjoy, have fun while visiting, and give us feedback - if you want us to add some features, or whatever. As always, take care.