April 23, 2008

BTZ is evolving

Hello, everyone!!
First of all, thanks a super-super-lot for all the kind messages and comments you've been posting ; it's an honor to have so much support for this little project of mine, which didn't meant anything at the beginning. Once again, thank you!!!
I'd like to inform you that new songs are on the works! I've been recording new stuff lately, and let's add that I'm not the only guy on BTZ anymore, since my friend Ontoum join the project. We've finished a song entitled "The Deepest Lake" (I'll post it here soon) and we have another one, only a raw demo for the moment, called "The Void"...
We've also been talking about forming a live band to play BTZ songs, or new songs that would be in the same feeling but with acoustic instruments (although we're quite sure of needing samples and keyboards, lol!).
As you can see, there are several things going on... I can't wait to post it! Stay tuned!!!!