February 28, 2021

Soon. Forever.

Hey there.

Thanks for stopping by this website; I am very glad that you take a bit of your time to visit it. At this point in time, this place is just a simple memorial and an archives room.

I believe that Between The Zones ran its course as a project. However, from time to time, I still enjoy playing some old songs, and sometimes I do it live on the Twitch channel that I started messing with during the 2nd wave of Covid lockdown. I usually stream music on Thursdays or Fridays depending on my available free time, and I always have a few BTZ songs in my repertoire (it does include the "Ozar Midrashim" cover). If you happen to catch me there, feel free to ask me to play something for you! Here's the URL:

I am working on new music, but after many months of consideration, I think it won't be published under the Between The Zones moniker. Musically though, there might be some connections. It seems that no matter what I do, I always end up trying to combine industrial sounds, shoegaze and metal into pop songs... Some things never change, I guess.

This is farewell for now. Thanks again for being there. Take care of yourselves ♥