May 6, 2015

Further down the shift

Between The Zones and Délivrances are pleased to announce the upcoming release of SHIFTED, a "distorted" version of the SHIFTINGS album released in 2013.

SHIFTED will gather unreleased tracks and alternative versions of songs from SHIFTINGS: raw demos, instrumentals, and remixes made by fellow artists and bands met by BTZ - Stolearm, TÖT, Red City Noise, Cylenth, Decrease, Ainamaty, RedkiSLondead, etc - a way to start celebrating 10 years of Between The Zones, a musical journey still animated by the will of bonding together different sound universes.

Conceived as an apostrophe until the release of Between The Zones' sophomore album in 2016, Shifted is planned for late summer 2015.

Check out our friends and remixers:

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