January 30, 2017

Troubles: revealed!

Hi everyone!

We are happy to FINALLY share with you the artwork, tracklist and release date for our 2nd album, Troubles!

Between The Zones: Troubles

01. Changes Are Endless
02. Une Âme Piégée
03. Reaching
04. Heavy Rain
05. Love Like Acid
06. Break
07. Transmissions (par fréquences sensibles)
08. No Purpose
09. We Be Twinned
10. Troubles
11. Bending Waves

Final release date: February 13th, 2017

Troubles will be available for free in digital download but also in a limited edition CD, already available for pre-order on the Bandcamp of Délivrances, our collective/netlabel! 50 copies will be made, but we will give away only 30 of them! (Others are mainly for promotional use.)

If you wish to get your copy, go to Délivrances:

If you want to help us promote the release of the album, feel free to share the image above with your friends through your social networks and/or drop a comment! Take care and see you super-soon ;)