September 18, 2013

News & thoughts from the zones

Hi, kind followers who are still visiting the official site in a time where (almost) everything is exposed and shared on social networks.

First, I'd like to apologize for the lack of news and "solid" stuff posted online lately. We are doing our best to deliver quality works, and it takes time. But I have to tell you that Between The Zones went through a whole lot of mutations lately, following the release of Shiftings.

This summer, we asked ourselves lots of questions regarding how to continue and develop the project, dealing with our lives, the purpose of everything related to BTZ, etc. We wanted to organize a small tour in France, but we quickly realized that it wouldn't be possible regarding our jobs and daily duties. Planning a "normal" tour would require to continue the band without some of us.
As the band's "chief" (that's how the others call me, haha!) I decided we would stay together like the bunch of friends we are, because making music with people you love and trust - the original concept that made BTZ the band it is today - is, for me, far more rewarding than wasting energy and time in low budget tours, and playing the same game lots of other bands are playing (and they are playing it very much better than us).
That's why we decided to focus on the essence of the project - making music. We are not throwing away the idea of live shows, of course, but we won't be making more concerts than what we were doing until now. That said, if we keep on playing on rare occasions, we would love the shows to be richer and deeper, which means more time to play, better organization, and a more-refined visual aspect for the show: projections, lighting, etc. Be sure that we'll post here about our experiments in this matter.

Between The Zones is going to embrace a new existence, and you won't be disappointed if you're following us since we started.
Thank you for your continuous support, and as always, stay tuned. ;)


PS. That said, we are playing with experimental-metal heroes HYPNO5E at the Secret Place, St-Jean-De-Vedas, on october 18th! You can buy your ticket here - it's cheap, only €8!

September 3, 2013

Octopus Skin

Hey there! BTZ is currently working on a bunch of new songs, and other surprises that you might like. Visual ideas are surfacing... Until next time, enjoy this artwork by our very keyboardable in© and... stay tuned!