December 5, 2015

Enter Slack X

Ten years ago, on a December 3rd, I published an audio track on a Myspace page under the name "Between The Zones" for the first time. Happy birthday BTZ!

While I am still working on the next album, I found the original audio projects of the first-ever BTZ songs, which had formerly been grouped on the compilation "Enter Slack" back in the day, just before we start working on the "Rough" EP.
Because BTZ turned 10 years, and because some of you have been asking for it in recent months, I have decided to put back online these archaic songs, with the addition of previously unreleased demos from the same time period (2005-2007).
I managed to re-export everything from the audio software in wav (which was not the case at the time!) without saturation, so the quality is far better than before.

Free streaming and download on Bandcamp:
Enter Slack X - Early works of Between The Zones

Also, Michaelcthulhu made an amazing life-size replica of the Soul Reaver sword, from the Legacy of Kain game series, and we're really happy to have the classic "Ozar Midrashim" cover featured in his video! Feel free to share!

Please enjoy and stay tuned for more news about "Troubles" soon. Take care


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