September 18, 2013

News & thoughts from the zones

Hi, kind followers who are still visiting the official site in a time where (almost) everything is exposed and shared on social networks.

First, I'd like to apologize for the lack of news and "solid" stuff posted online lately. We are doing our best to deliver quality works, and it takes time. But I have to tell you that Between The Zones went through a whole lot of mutations lately, following the release of Shiftings.

This summer, we asked ourselves lots of questions regarding how to continue and develop the project, dealing with our lives, the purpose of everything related to BTZ, etc. We wanted to organize a small tour in France, but we quickly realized that it wouldn't be possible regarding our jobs and daily duties. Planning a "normal" tour would require to continue the band without some of us.
As the band's "chief" (that's how the others call me, haha!) I decided we would stay together like the bunch of friends we are, because making music with people you love and trust - the original concept that made BTZ the band it is today - is, for me, far more rewarding than wasting energy and time in low budget tours, and playing the same game lots of other bands are playing (and they are playing it very much better than us).
That's why we decided to focus on the essence of the project - making music. We are not throwing away the idea of live shows, of course, but we won't be making more concerts than what we were doing until now. That said, if we keep on playing on rare occasions, we would love the shows to be richer and deeper, which means more time to play, better organization, and a more-refined visual aspect for the show: projections, lighting, etc. Be sure that we'll post here about our experiments in this matter.

Between The Zones is going to embrace a new existence, and you won't be disappointed if you're following us since we started.
Thank you for your continuous support, and as always, stay tuned. ;)


PS. That said, we are playing with experimental-metal heroes HYPNO5E at the Secret Place, St-Jean-De-Vedas, on october 18th! You can buy your ticket here - it's cheap, only €8!

September 3, 2013

Octopus Skin

Hey there! BTZ is currently working on a bunch of new songs, and other surprises that you might like. Visual ideas are surfacing... Until next time, enjoy this artwork by our very keyboardable in© and... stay tuned!


May 23, 2013

Be prepared

Hi friends,

Just a quick post to prove that we're busy preparing all your pre-ordered Shiftings CDs, and the goodies that are going with it if you supported us via Ulule... Stay tuned, it's going to be sent soon!! ;)

Have a good evening! See you soon...


May 15, 2013

It's here.

Hi, people.

Four years after the Almost EP, we are releasing today our debut album Shiftings.

I would love to write you a speech to mark the occasion, but I've already told you about all the creative process over last months, and how much this record means to us, so I'm going to keep it simple: THANK YOU.
You, who are supporting us by listening to us, encouraging us, writing to us... Wherever you are!
This record is an outcome, and it is thanks to you.
We hope that it will be followed by many gigs and of course, other records!

You can already listen to it in its entirety on Bandcamp:
You can buy physical and digital versions right there

Also, we will send the album + all the goodies to all the people who have been supporting us through Ulule in the next couple of weeks; by the end of may everybody should have its pre-ordered copy :)

Of course, feel free to tell us what you think about it, share it with your friends, spread the word!
Other things related to the album will be posted here and on Facebook, etc in the following days!

For now, enjoy :)


May 8, 2013

May fifteenth.

Hey there!

Shiftings will be released on our Bandcamp page on May 15th. Actually we are receiving the physical versions of the album on may 13th, so it will be nice to release it in digital version shortly after, right? ;)

Also, we are preparing cool BTZ stuff for the next couple of months, and I've been doing lots of visuals based on the album's thematics; here's a little glimpse of what's coming next... Enjoy!!


It's been such a long road to get everything done, and it's so hard to wait to share all this new music with you... We need your support more than ever! Thanks for spreading the word and following us! As always, take care, see you soon!!!


April 5, 2013

Shiftings: art / tracklist

Between The Zones: Shiftings

Her name was Thanatos
The Monster
Cold shapes
Each Uisge
Hell is empty and all the devils are here.
To live is to wait
Delete me

+ Digital bonus tracks
End of time
Faire face

April 3, 2013

Some news

Hello people!!!

Long time no post on the site, but if you're following us on Facebook you must know that we've been very busy lately ;) Be sure to check the BTZ Fb page often, we post lots of stuff there!

* Album update
So, the Ulule campaign ended last month, and it was a total success! Thanks to your help, we've been able to reach 151% of our financial objective, so the final packaging for the album is going to be even prettier than expected! Thank you so much! CDs should arrive to our headquarters around april 20th, so be sure we'll be posting yours soon after.

* Live update
We are playing with the amazing band KLONE, for their next gig in Montpellier, on april 20th! Be sure to be there; the event page is here, in french. You can also check the trailer they did for the gig, it's the featured video on the right side of the site :)

* Line-up update
A few things have changed lately in the live incarnation of Between The Zones-  Emilien (who was the drummer in the hardcore band Darla) will be our second guitarist for some shows ;)

That's all for tonight! Stay tuned!!


January 16, 2013

Ulule campaign!

Hi there! We hope you're doing well!

As you must have noticed, we've been launching a crowdfunding campaign via european platform Ulule to help us finance the album CD pressing: it's actually like a preorder, but you can give a little more to show your support and receive cool unique goodies handmade by us!
In just 3 days we've already reached 71%!!! Your support is amazing, it's really motivating, and with your help we will be able to make a beautiful physical version - so please continue to spread the word and/or chose a reward and be a co-producer of the album! One URL adress to remember:

Actually, if we can raise more money than originally planned, we can offer you an even more nice album (better finish, more colors in terms of print), so do not hesitate to make a donation, we have until March 11!

CORRUPTED is close to 400 plays on Soundcloud, and that also means a lot to us; feel free to share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc! We plan to release another sample from the album on january 24th, and we encourage you to tell us what kind of mood you want for this second new song (agressive/ambient/etc.)

Lots of other new things to come later this week, stay tuned! Thanks again!!! :))


January 10, 2013


Hi there,
At last, you can listen to a first specimen from our upcoming debut album: Shiftings!
Feel free to share it if you like it! You can also start following us on Soundcloud, as we will post other new music soon :)
Enjoy and stay tuned for more news in a few days!