May 8, 2010

News from entre les zones :)

Hi everyone !

Many months since I've been posting here. Lots of things have been happening, and even if I would love to tell you everything in details, I have to make it short.
  • We've been playing in Tours with Dexy Corp_ and Jabberwock ; it was extremely fun to play there with such great bands. We've been very nicely welcomed and it was a high pleasure moment!
  • We've also been playing with our friends of Stolearm from Lyon! Super show, and it kind of "scelled" our friendship... I think you can expect several collaborations in the future ; for example we'll be remixing their song "Treasure of wounds" for an upcoming compilation.
  •  We're playing with Tasmaniac (from Bourgoin) in Montpellier, at the Rockstore, on may 15th... It's next week, it's saturday, it's free, so we hope to see you there!   
  • Lately we've been shooting a video for our song "Flying bodies"... I'm actually editing it ; it should be released on the net in a couple of weeks, or maybe sooner than that !
  • We've started the pre-production for our next release, wich should be our first full-length album. Things are about to change and evolve, once again I guess... :)
We're always looking for new tour dates ; if you have any proposal, plan or whatever, don't hesitate to contact us!
Take care