July 30, 2015

Sessions for the next album, part 1

Hi there!

I was talking about the next BTZ album in my last post. (The real second album, not the remix album, right?) Well, last week I spent 2 days back in Montpellier to work on some new songs with Lühje (who is also in charge of SHIFTED's mastering) and my friend April from Finland- they are providing vocals for some of the songs on the album! We had great fun recording, even if there was some SERIOUS heat waves in southern France at the time.
Here are some photos of these.. "sweating" sessions- please excuse the lousy image quality, it was SO hot in Montpellier, and my cellphone was dying too.

Dealing with the album itself, writing is actually almost over. Some parts are missing here and there, but the overall sound and ambient is already well settled. I'm currently looking for fun and interesting ways to share the project progress with you, so stay tuned ;)
See you soon, take care!


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