April 13, 2009

Evolving, actually

Hey everyone!!!
Today, several things to tell you about.

- The past two last shows were great! April 4, on a boat in Sete, absolutely cool with our good friends of Marto ; and 2 days ago, with Darla and Bran Terror at the Mojomatic in Montpellier. Waw, so pleasant to play with such good bands out there ; we can't wait to play with them again. Seriously, we couldn't imagine better bands to start the concerts, in these cities. If you like electro-indus/dark wave, just have a listen to Bran Terror - they're really good in what they're doing.

- We finally have our real and completely official website : :) I hope you will enjoy it, as I can say it's still better than the previous versions. More images and videos will be uploaded there, just be patient.

- We are going to upload (on the site and here on Myspace) some remixes/ covers/ instrumentals of songs you already have in the months to come. We enjoy sharing things with you, especially music ; so feel free to ask us about anything dealing with it! Also, if you're a musician and if you want to remix one or more of our songs, just ask for the original audio tracks!! :)

- Just a last word about... the fact that I'm writing in english.
The truth is that I'm just doing this for fun, and because since the beginning of this profile, it is written in english. Just because my posts can be read by more people than just french-speaking ones. Just because I think language should never be a barrier, especially when you're talking about something "artistic".

Take care of yourself!