December 21, 2008

The end of 2008!

Hell-o, beautiful readers of this blog! ^^
Some news: the rehearsals are getting better and better, and the songs are evolving in something more organic, it's really cool to watch them turn into this! (Haha, my way of singing has been improved - that's a good thing isn't it ?)
We also have written three totally new songs and let me assure you that you'll enjoy it :) For the moment it's just instrumental pieces, but I'll be writing the lyrics during the holidays. Stay tuned!
As the end of 2008 is near, all of Between The Zones is wishing you a superb end of year, a merry Christmas if you plan to celebrate it and an happy new year too!!! ^^

November 2, 2008

Time to rehearse.

Hey there! Long time no post.
Hope everything's doing well for everyone!
First of all, thanks to everyone who have been downloading the EP, listening to it, sending us shorts words about it ; it's really nice of you! Feedback is really important to us, so thanks again!
BTZ is now fully formed, with Nico on bass guitar and in© on live keyboards and third guitar. A good thing is that we're all super excited about how the project is growing ; and it's so positive to see us as full of passion as we all are! The live rehearsals start this week, on tuesday. We'll keep you informed about what will be going on, so feel free to check the blog regularly!
Have a nice weekend. Bye.

September 8, 2008

Work is done.

We've just finished the EP's mastering!
It is entitled "ROUGH" and as promised, it will be available on september 11.
More than ever, stay tuned!!!
-Gom & Ontoum

September 7, 2008

5 Days Remaining

Hey there.
As you may have noticed, the songs on the profile have been removed, and the profile look is slightly different.
There is a good reason for that: on september 11, we will entirely recreate our Myspace profile, with the final design and the whole bunch of new songs Between The Zones has been recording this summer!
I've already said that but the new BTZ thing is truly more ambitious than before. It's not LoK-based anymore, even if I'm still influenced by it ; it's more guitar driven and I sing on most of the songs. However, it remains a mix of industrial sounds with more "mainstream" melodies ; strange atmospheres are still there and I think that if you were enjoying the old songs, you will enjoy the new ones.
So stay in touch, visit the page, tell us about the new layout, just don't hesitate.
We're counting on you to spread the word ;) Peace

August 25, 2008

Studio update

Hey everyone!
Just a few lines to tell you that this week Ontoum and I are finalising the new BTZ songs, and I'm quite sure they will surprise you. Old fans of the project will probably be dizzy at first hearing, but if you love music, industrial sounds, ambient atmosphere, you'll get it :) I mean, the songs are really really more organic, there are lots of electric guitars, piano, and vocals... BTZ is turning into a real band. It was a dream 2 years ago but this time I think something serious, exciting and powerfull is happening!
So stay tuned, visit the profile regularly 'cause I will post new things here in the days to come. Bye and have a nice day!

April 23, 2008

BTZ is evolving

Hello, everyone!!
First of all, thanks a super-super-lot for all the kind messages and comments you've been posting ; it's an honor to have so much support for this little project of mine, which didn't meant anything at the beginning. Once again, thank you!!!
I'd like to inform you that new songs are on the works! I've been recording new stuff lately, and let's add that I'm not the only guy on BTZ anymore, since my friend Ontoum join the project. We've finished a song entitled "The Deepest Lake" (I'll post it here soon) and we have another one, only a raw demo for the moment, called "The Void"...
We've also been talking about forming a live band to play BTZ songs, or new songs that would be in the same feeling but with acoustic instruments (although we're quite sure of needing samples and keyboards, lol!).
As you can see, there are several things going on... I can't wait to post it! Stay tuned!!!!