May 29, 2012

Album announcement and Bardo!

Hello listeners,

We're very happy to announce that BTZ' first album will be mixed and produced by Baptiste Bouchard (who has produced EPs and LPs for many many bands from the Toulouse scene: My Own Private Alaska, Agora Fidelio, Naive, The Rodeo Idiot Engine, Aeria Microcosme, Simone Choule, Cats On Trees... and lately Domino And The Ghosts, from Metz) and will ultimately be a dichotomy.
It's a great honor for us to be able to work with Baptiste, whom we've been adoring the work for many years, and he will be like the band' sixth member during the recording process. We will record the drum parts for the 1st chapter in july... I can't wait to share the recording details with you!

Here's for your eyes' pleasure the video for the song Bardo, edited by in©, from the ALMOST sessions - a song that will be re-orchestrated on the LP!

Have a very nice day, and as always, take care.