April 12, 2017

French rapper L.O.A.S remixed by BTZ

Here is our remix of "VLV", by French rap artist L.O.A.S!
I started working on this for fun last summer (back in june 2016, lol) using a home-made acappella track, and L.O.A.S was kind enough to send me his original vocal track so I could finish the remix. Mastering was once again done by Lulu from Primate Audio / Stolearm.

[ Also available on YouTube ]

Enjoy- and if you want more, get his new album Tout me fait rire, available this Friday, April 14th!


April 11, 2017

Reviewed by Horns Up!

Hello everyone!
French webzine Horns Up just published a review of Troubles! Check this out here.

Take care and talk soon :)