January 10, 2021

New EP: Sediment

Hey there!
As announced in the video from earlier this week: here is a new EP, entitled SEDIMENT.
Official presentation:

Between The Zones is back with the release of the short and intense EP "Sediment". While a significant amount of elements from these five tracks was conceived at the same time than "Troubles", the second album from BTZ released in 2017, the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 and the two lockdown-periods that it caused in France allowed the finalization of the EP.

"Sediment" is a raw field trip which draws from the core elements of the BTZ sound to expand them into the future.

Key words: industrial, alien, lockdown, vampires, Melchiah. And it's all for free.

Feel free to comment, and share if you enjoy it 💛 Thanks for your everlasting support!
Take care, especially in these troubled times~

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