August 15, 2012

Album update!

Hello there! Let's finally make a quick update concerning our first LP!

Recording sessions for the album's part 1 ended last week - we managed to get rid of both heat (it's a crazy summer in Montpellier) and timing!

Baptiste is currently in Toulouse mixing these 8 first songs. I must tell you that it's even more different than what I was expecting! B pushed us into a whole new dynamic while recording our parts, and the global vibe is very very heavy and energic at the same time...
To give you an idea we were often using the terms "post hardcore" or "sludge" when discussing about the intention of a riff or a drum groove, and we weren't really concerned with being "clinic" in our approach of the songs; we would focus more on being sincere in each of our notes than just laying tracks in a nice way.
It was so refreshing to work like this, because it gave these songs (some of them where written, like, 3 years ago or something!) a really fresh and venomous skin, that was rather lacking in our demos! What I can also tell you is that it's even more "genre-melting" than before. You can't say it's industrial rock, nor metal, nor pop... It's weird, but it's what we are!

Mixing should be over in the end of august, or at the beginning of september - be sure to hear some new stuff pretty soon! ;) I'm posting photos from the sessions, please enjoy them; you will see the mood was quite relaxing, despite the rage we put in our takes! I will post videos from the sessions as well, a little later this month!

Thank you very very much for your patience and your interest! We hope you will enjoy our new music as much as our other works!


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