December 30, 2009

Some news for the end of 2009!

Quite a long time without posting here, sorry for this silence! We're hoping you're having great times for this year's end, because we are. It's time to share some new stuff with you!

** ALMOST in the press!

"ALMOST" has received its first reviews, and it's quite positive!

You can read what they're thinking of it:
Zik N'Blog:
Metal Sickness:
Cratères de l'Hydre:,between-the-zones,480112.html

I guess more reviews will come in 2010!
Ah, speaking of "ALMOST", the song "Spectral" was added on our player last month.

** Remixes

Our friends of STOLEARM have released a remix album for their song "Jesus Missile" and we are part of the remixers featured on this album! It was a great honor to take this song and make something completely different.
To go with it, Stolearm has also made a remix for BTZ' "8.8.8" ! I think it's really really good and we're super happy to share it with you. This song is featured on our Myspace music player, so tell us about it ;) This song will eventually be available for download on our website, on the LOST TRACKS page, later in january.

Just have a listen to these remixes ; it's great to how a song can evolve when different people  (from different musical spheres!) are dealing with it!
You can download the "Jesus Missile" remix album here:
For more about Stolearm, check their Myspace profile:

** BTZ on tour

We are currently planning a tour in France (and around...), and we're really excited about it! We're still looking for more dates, any time, anywhere... If you have concerts opportunities, don't hesitate to contact us!
The next shows are going to be way different from 2009' ones, for several reasons. We don't use fixed tempos anymore, so it's more human and less machines you can listen to. We're aware that this will make us less industrial than rock, but it's the way our music is evolving. Don't worry, we still have these heavy electronic sounds ; it will just be more organic on stage!

2009 has been a superb year for us, with all of these recording sessions, mixing, concerts, meetings with people... We hope 2010 will be even better!
Let's make an happy end for 2009 :)

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