October 11, 2009

ALMOST Released

Hello there!
Our new EP is finally out! You can download it for free, or if you want to support us, you can order the CD version, which includes nice bonus material. Just go to our website to get your version, and tell us about it!

For those who didn't know about it, there's now a special space on the website, called "LOST TRACKS", featuring unreleased and experimental tracks, as well as remixes and covers.
Please visit this space, from time to time, to see what's new ;)

As you may have noticed, the website design has been entirely remade by in© (our keyboard player) and we hope that you'll enjoy spending a little time on it. We have also put online new videos from the MRF 2009, don't hesitate to tell us about it!

There are lots of things going on for BTZ, stay tuned! ^^


PS. We apologize to the people who have pre-ordered the EP and didn't have received it yet, but it seems that the french general postal services have some troubles. We're going to send it again using another shipping company to make sure you have it quickly.

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