March 30, 2009


Saturday's show in Marcorignan was... the first show, as I've told you before, but at the time I wasn't expecting it to be the first big technical problems we would have to fight with!!! :) This is exactly the kind of situation where you tell yourself "ok, slow down, I just have to stay where I am". I can't give you details right there, but anyway it's okay, we've played the best we could in such conditions, and after all it was quite OK, for a first performance with such.. lack of samples! Next week will obviously be very different, as we're actually killing all the troubles we've been dealing with. We're playing in Sete, the city of George Brassens, on a steamboat, and it'll be with our friends of Marto!

Le Cedre in Marcorignan was anyway a nice place to play and the person in charge of the place a really good guy! The band Isun was cool and we were playing with Darla, also a band from Montpellier that I was really REALLYYYY impatient to watch live (and play with!) and I must tell you that they were astonishing! They're nice and funny, they sound great, play great.. Ultraviolent and emotional at the same time ; completely where they are (postcore). Just visit their Myspace profile and download their free EP, they deserve it. Really!!! I can't wait to play with them again.

So that's all for now... Our next EP is still passing through the mixing process ; we hope to make it listenable a lil' bit before june and give you some samples!

See you soon, take care of yourself.


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