June 16, 2009


Hey there!

Thanks to all of the people who have come support us at the MontpellYeah Rock Festival, last saturday!
It was an important event for us, as it was our first show on a real-big-stage. The pressure was high but I think we've managed to get quite rid of it, to bring you something unclean but something emotional. We hope to give you more shows like this in the future!
The organizers were also super nice and great, and it was a real pleasure to play for them. Keep rockin dudes, you know who you are!!!

The whole concert has been caught on tape ; you'll be able to watch it online soon, but I can't resist posting this little sample we've just received! ^^

That's all for now !!!
See ya soon for more photos of the shows... And don't forget we are playing for free these saturday and sunday!


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