June 7, 2009

BTZ ready to inFest!

Hello hello helloooo again!!!
Too much days and weeks without giving you some news ; now it's time to correct that!
What could be interesting for you to know about us lately?

On saturday we are playing at Montpell'yeah Rock Festival; a big and funky rock festival in Montpellier... We're all super excited about it and are going to torn up our souls to make the most living music we can. We've been actively rehearsing these last weeks, and have 2 new songs ready to be played live.
If you want to know more about the festival and the great bands that are playing this day, please check the official profile for it!

We are also playing for the french Fête de la musique! On june 20 we'll be in Clermont-L'Herault and on june 21 in Montpellier, in front of the Shakespear pub!

Concerning our non-live adventures:
The EP is still under mixing process by Lolo and it's working quite well until now. Appart from that, we have been asked by our friends of Stolearm (indus rock from Lyon, FR) to remix one of their songs ; this remix will probably be achieved during the summer, as well as several covers I'm planning to record with the other BTZ members!

Other surprises are going to be revealed at the end of the summer, so please be patient, as always, and stay tuned about the whole BTZ thing :)

Take care, and have fun!


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