October 6, 2015

Sessions for the next album, part 2

Hello, what's up guys?
It's time to talk about new stuff, and by that I mean new music!

First of all, Between The Zones' second album has a name: TROUBLES.

The process for this new collection of songs is very different from what we did before. As we're all living in different areas in France, we rely a lot on file transfers, people recording stuff on their own, and myself assembling all parts, mixing, tweaking. Basically, in terms of workflow, it goes back to the project origin: DIY ethics, drum machines, digital delay and reverb !
We tried new things on theses songs. For example, in the end of August, I went to Nîmes (south of France too) to record saxophone parts with Elkin Zikkat from Amer Boogie. Meanwhile, in©, Nico and Ontoum (back in da BTZ business!) recorded various pieces on the songs... And there are other people involved in the making of this album, and all I can say is that it's really exciting to have friends adding their touch to the music- be prepared!

I plan on recording vocals later this month, and then move on to the final mixing phase. Wish me good luck :p I'll keep you informed about how things are going. See ya!


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