October 9, 2014

Another review of Shiftings!

Hey there, long time no post :)

ExtremeUnderground posted a nice review of Shiftings, which you can read here.
Feel free to consult the other reviews of the album via our Press page!

In case you missed it, 2 live videos were added to our Youtube playlist lately.
  • The first one was recorded last year at the Secret Place in Montpellier, and features the song "Hippocampus" from Shiftings. Maxime (my little brother) was filling in for Nicolas on bass that night.

  • The second video is a very old one actually: it dates back to march 2010, when we played in Tours with Dexy Corp_ and Jabberwocky! It was a pre-version of the song "Cold shapes", which was entitled "Slack!" back in the day...

That's all for today! See you :)


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