February 6, 2009

Buddy & the second EP

Hope you're doing well and having more great times than bad times in your lives.

Let's be direct because we have some announcement to make : Between The Zones is recording its 2nd EP!
The recording sessions start tomorrow morning and will last until next friday, february 13th (haha!). There are 5 new songs, which are going to be recorded (maybe 6? it's good to dream!...) We're all super excited about it, because this time we will all be playing our parts on the record ; you'll be able to listen to the real sound for F-RaiD's drums, etc etc. We're recording at Caux, small town near Pezenas, with our friend Loic (the drummer for the band Marto). We're going to take lots of photos and videos for the record, so I guess a small making-of will be released after the whole sessions. Note that the record itself is going to be released in june, as we need some time to add elements in postproduction + have it mastered.
The 5 songs entitle : "Fatal Error", "Surely", "Part of the mass", "Flying Bodies" and "Spectral Double I".

Plus, we have joined the new Montpellier collective BUDDY, which is a newly formed tour organizer/band promoter, driven by our friends Flo (formerly of Hyphen with F-RaiD and Gom) and Geraud (our live sound engineer!). We can't wait to tour with Buddy and make it on stage!
The first BTZ concert has been planed and will take place in Narbonne at the Bar Zinc 21, on may 15. More informations will come soon.

VoilĂ  for now! See ya in a couple of days :)

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