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Her name was Thanatos

I met you in a dark and cold night
You were right in front of me, smiling gently
I met you once again the other day, when someone tried to break my bones
You were hiding and looking at me, looking as if it was the end

O blessed power, regard my ardent prayer,
and human life to age abundant spare

You send me signs that flesh is just a lure
I let go all I know - all I know is vanishing
You're not the same, but I come to you
I can't remember, I can't say your name

A lifelong suspense is made, reaching your bed at last
Soon or later we'll join whatever my path is
My days are coming, I won't deny the things I owe you to pass me by
Crossing the lake by your side, facing your realm for the final act

What your name was... What's it again?


I've been asleep for so long I cannot remember
My eyes are open and sunlight penetrates me
The darkness is fading, the blinding is full
I've been buried for so long until you came here
Don't you know we're not gonna wait here
Don't you know they're gonna hate this

Flesh and bones, radiant like the sun
You revive me, wake me then burn

We are on fire but it is dark
It slowly flows inside of us
Take me, take my last breath

My wounds are sick but you're just right here, telling me to stand up as my body aches
My hands, my feet, my brain, all yours, and I move it around you, my sweet fucking necrophile
Don't you know they're not gonna let this pass, let my corpse out there
Don't you know you already are like my plague, my salvation, what I need

We're getting higher in inner space
The embrace - all and nothing - it keeps you out of my sight
Next time I will open my mouth, and reverse everything


Day after day I am chasing horizon
They tell me that it doesn't make any sense
It's like getting closer to something else
It keeps me focused on something

The deeper it goes I'm alone
I start to think about things I don't even own
My mind is burning but I'm cold
Alterated I'm watching their fall

Here I stay
It's alright I can change
Will I be able to handle it
Corruption, obsession, needing

I don't know why I like it so far
I'm out of my mind, slaving
I think I was corrupted by some virus infecting the heart, then the chest
This Evil is strong and I can't cope, but I don't want to get back to my former self
I don't know what I want
I don't know what I should want or not
If I'm corrupted I don't know how to stop, how to end all confusion
Fuck it, I can't control

The Monster

There’s a monster living inside you
Dreaming of devouring everything on its path
Nothing left, nothing kept
Just getting rid of Life

There’s a monster living inside you
But you look so fucking pure… You look so fucking fine
Perfect hunter, imperfect bride
Wrapped with beauty, you kill to shine
Now walls yield and I see the end

This hunger has turned you in a thing you can’t see
Unable to touch it I’m watching you falling
Slowly, deeper, you’re going crazier
It’s allright, it won’t hurt, ‘cause you can’t, feel anymore

Like these creatures afraid of light
You can’t feel it, you can’t feel it
Light fades today, night looks so fresh
I wonder when it got started
She’s the bitch that she once hated
She’s the whore, she’s not the same
Nowhere to hide from her fangs
She’s fucked up, just throw her away

It’s in your eyes, it swims in your veins
I can feel it through my fingers, in every filthy word you say
Miracles - it is all that I'd want here now
I wish you could just see, I wish you could just believe me

You dragged me down to this hell
You’re the first, you’re the one, the monster I love

Cold shapes

Come out, I know you're hiding somewhere inside
But you don't need to fear me
We are more alike than what you could feel
I know your soul and even more

Me and you, we are the same
When you cry, we both feel pain
Time and space can't tear us apart
Because we are one, see how the world is ours

My shape is cold and so is yours
Your shape is cold and so is mine

Me and you, we are the same
When I'll die, you'll sing my name
Time and space won't tear us apart
Because we are one, see how we're getting closer

Our shapes are cold


Fine like a rat in a cave
I guess this is what I came for
Blind like I know their justice
Love is not what I thought
You taught me to be a man, and you took me everything one can give
My only wish was you to let me in
You know not what you do…

Lies are my everyday
Your eyes are so beautiful
No pain for feeling this
No chains more obscurantist

My existence = your salvation
Nice apple trees in all seasons
I would give my arms if yours were cut
It would pass because you're like my flesh
Tearing me like shitty old clothes
A wounded piece of skin, bleeding blue
The establishing act of Love
Even the dead knows what you create
This endless night could stop right now, but I carry your cross

You didn't stay the same

Like you had once felt it before
you fooled me and you praised me like if you cared, like I am your messiah
It won’t stop, won’t heal, won’t cease, won’t change anything to the path we made
Oh God I saw it before

I had come to help you, to make you feel, to make you true
I wish you saw in me this pain I cured in loving you
But you ate my flesh, drunk my blood
Made me trust in nothing but lies, extolling me to crucify me...

We both know how this will end

Hell is empty and all the devils are here

Desillusionned, devolution
With nowhere to go nor hide nor wait, just a darker place
It's here...
Deshumanised, desensitized
Make joy turn into pain and hate and anger - just a bitter end

Come with me my friend, there is so much I'd like to show you
So similar desires but blinded convictions, and all my wounds burn

Die with me my love, it's a perfect way to stay together
So much people, an ocean of life between us, beneath us
So afraid to see it

So in touch with you, so afraid to live
I can't pretend not knowing why but this place just looks surreal
It's here


Life must find a meaning in the end
Like a falling star can born again
Mother said your wings were thrown away
You don't need it you will find a way

These days we think slow, can't remember
The pain you felt before you died
Like an old vision, well-known surprise
This picture means somebody's gone

So let's remember the day you fell right through the sky
Oh, come on let's dig deeper
Two wounded wings might catch the eye

Falling star, sky is your home
Without a sign, you fell and go

Once you bet they would remind you, a little bit of kindness
You trusted a nation of liars-liars-liars, yeah so many dumb ones

You hate what you don't know
We all die one day


The more I get to meet you in this room
The less I can recognize
The more I get to touch you and hold you
The more it makes me feel like drowned
How could I just be so blind when you were slowly changing shape before my eyes
How couldn't I be choking enough, I couldn't see
I was just deserving to die

High tide, sea horses

Your mind is an eternal abyss, the one which I will never see the end
Your legs are changing, I can hardly see
Your skin is getting so aqueous

High tide, sea horses making me sick
She wants me, she got me breathless, she knows me

Seeds trapping my nub inside a world of red seas
Desire sinking down to the bottom, losing myself in your hole
Down in depths, just one sanction: the Great Silence

To live is to wait

Nowhere to run

Long quiet river, strewn with thorns and romance
Sometimes the storm gives way to summer
Sometimes the wind stirs up my wounds
Coming to us, for once, as we need this sweet omen
Surroundings shall become like arms
Surroundings are wooden coffins

To live is to wait
Too far from ourselves, meeting in this place of too much consciousness, of too much materialness
Forever we stand, looking at the sun, inventing some sense for this wait to end, for these signs to mean something

We are the ones to walk the line
We are the ones to rule our life
We are the ones to improvise
We are the ones who know we die

All I wait is you
All I wait is you to make my life true

Tear me apart! Make me see what I miss!
Smash me down! Make me accept my fate, for fuck sake!
Drag me in the mist, swallow this, digest, regurgitates
This wait is so long, some of us plunder the earth, others create some Gods just to... Go where we should?
But there is nowhere to run!

All life is await - and after centuries of mankind we're still at the same point
All these things that were never said because we can't accept it, we are too numb

All I wait is you


I'm walking on a road, avoiding its pitfalls
Climbing then going down, and drifting with the flow

Ground slips, I see through
Shiftings define myself

Arriving in a place where everything seems clear
Patient for one moment I rest, then the clock starts again

Run far so I can start over again and I will shift again

Elusive game, elusive...
I haven't been the same for a long time and I don't plan to
I don't believe what they say I am, say I'm not

Tonight I'm leaving out all these endless days of wandering
Sunlight is so vain, so exasperating, yeah
I'm done with your light, I had enough, I'm done with your lack of darkness
I love the way it moves in the dark, I'm born again, now

This place is meant to change, new pitfalls in my sight
Just try to understand - I have to run away

Can't stare these concrete fields where no one ever screams
The bricks are watching me, but I don't fear them

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