March 19, 2012

About the LP

Writing the LP is over. Demoing is over. Final recordings will happen several times in 2012: we've decided to release the LP through 4 chapters, each one being a part of a bigger story.

Each chapter represents a certain thematic and will be released in digital format only - once all chapters will be available, we will make a physical version of the complete LP, which will include special features and, if everything goes well, a dvd with nice live stuff!
The 4 chapters technique is a way, for us, to keep you updated with the accomplishment process of the LP, and also because (we must admit it) creating a full-length album without a label is quite difficult when you want a really polished final product. Anyway we're happy to try this adventure on our own, without owing anything to anyone!

The new songs are definitely different from what we did on the EPs ; a whole lot more organic (I mean, more guitars and acoustic stuff, maybe a little less programming) and a lot more darker. We tried to create something that reflects more a fusion of our individual influences, which are very different from one band member to the other, and we want this record to sound the closest possible to our actual live sound this time... So be prepared to experience something different.

We are currently looking for a person that would be interested in working with us as a producer and/or sound designer for the LP.


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